Das war die Kinderakademie Paderborn

Vor vollem Haus im HNF präsentierten die über 200 teilnehmenden Kinder und Jugendlichen ihr Programm.

Gratulation zu dem durchschlagenden Erfolg.

Wir beglückwünschen auch die Stadt Paderborn zur ersten "Kinder Bürgermeisterin" in der Bundesrepublik!

Danke an alle Beteiligten für das große Engagement!

Demnächst finden Sie eine Fotostrecke unter "Galerie".

Das Team der Kinderakademie

What is the children academy?

The children academy means to explore one topic intensively, to discover exciting things and to create something great together.
During that week we will work together having a lot of fun and using all kinds of different materials on the theme “foreign homelands”.
In this respect the University of Paderborn is one of a few institutions which initiate the children academy. In the meantime the University, the cultural office, the VHS Paderborn, the library, the HNF and many artists has formed a merger to assure the high quality of cultural education.
An essential part of the courses are offered by art art-students studying in Paderborn. Those students developed very interesting and special ideas and projects for the children academy.
In addition to that, NRW supports with the help of “Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Arbeit Bildung Kultur NRW” this unique project.
The final presentation takes place on 31.08.13 in the HNF at 11 o’clock.

Sincerely, your children-academy-team!

When and where does the children academy take place?

It takes place from the 26.08.13 until the 30.08.13 at the University of Paderborn and some other places in Paderborn.
You can find the exact place and time within the description of the different courses.

The registration is possible from now on until the 22.07.13.

Either on this homepage or by letter:
Kulturamt Paderborn
Susanne Kirchner
Am Abdinghof 11
33098 Paderborn

Last chance to register will be from the 19.08.13 until the 23.08.13 by phone (Mo-Fr, 10-12AM): 05251-882079